• Please NO SMOKING .
  • 4 Adult Maximum (Minimum age 25 for all adults unless members of the same family), 7 person maximum, unless we have made a written exception. We have an outdoor ring camera to monitor this.
  • No pets on the furniture and beds, guest must remove all pet waste, and pets must not be left unattended in the home.
  • Please remove shoes.
  • Noise must NOT be heard beyond the property lines at all times.
  • NO TRESPASSING. Forested areas may seem like open space, but they are private land. Although there are frequently no fences, you are NOT welcome. This includes pets and children. Our property boundaries are below.
  • Starting in 2023: there is 1 large lake and 2 other small lakes in the neighborhood that our guests are NOT permitted to FISH, no swimming or boating in the LAKES, and the pavilion is for owners only. Please enjoy walking around them and sticking to the roads around them. They are still beautiful to walk around. Lots of great fishing locations closeby like Manitou Lake.
  • NO ATV use in the neighborhood.
  • MINIMIZE WATER USE , the whole neighborhood is sharing a few wells, when there is high demand the wells can not keep up and the whole neighborhood could lose water, please shorten showers and do not do too much laundry.

Our Lot Boundaries

Address for Peakview Cabin

241 Ridge Rd, Divide, CO 80814


In bad weather with snow pack, it is recommended that you ignore Google directions come in on Spring Valley Dr (first turn into the neighborhood) and turn on Valley Rd to avoid the steep hill with turn on Ridge Rd from the north entrance.

If you want to take the scenic route from Denver it is very pretty to take the approximately 20 minute longer way along highway 67 south from 285 at Pine Junction to Woodland Park.

Phone for Peakview Cabin

There is extremely limited Verizon Cell Phone coverage and no service for T-Mobile or AT&T. You can usually change your settings to make and receive calls or sms messages over WiFi. You may want to research this before arriving. Peakview Cabin does have a phone that you can forward calls to at 719-687-9858 .

What to bring to Peakview Cabin

Check the weather here: https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/co/divide

We have created the follow list of items to bring to Peakview Cabin: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fr3N1QNe8UyOLFibvt4bDUTTNNzGipLnmAZBIBiSTxQ/edit?usp=sharing

If you would like to leave any extra books you may have laying around for future guests, please do.

How-to Instructions For Peakview Cabin

We have created a list of how-to instructions for instructions on how to use the tv & remotes, fireplace, door locks etc. This should be printed and available in the cabin when you arrive.


Arrival Checklist For Peakview Cabin

This should be printed and available in Peakview Cabin. But make sure you get the heat and the hot-tub running right away. It takes a while for them to warm up.


Departure Checklist For Peakview Cabin

This should be printed and available in Peakview Cabin.



Check out at 10:00 AM (not a hard rule, just need to communicate and agree to exceptions). Check in at 4:00 PM.


  1. Find Peakview Cabin on Airbnb.