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Review Of Byron Huenur 116 Roofing Woodland Park Colorado

Byron Huenur and 116 Roofing were hired to install a roof on my home in Divide Colorado at the end of September 2018. I was told this job would take a couple of weeks. It is now January 15, 2019 and the work is just now completed. How did we get here?

Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing
Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing

Shingle Suppliers |Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing

After quoting a couple of week completion time frame there were inexplicable delays in delivering materials. Byron Huenur did not attempt to find a different supplier when roofing materials were delayed. I chose a green roof shingle to match my previous roof shingle. He said that they were out of that shingle and that it was “discontinued”, so I settled for a different color that I did not like nearly as much. Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing promised delivery of my shingles on multiple occasions. I don’t live in this home. I would drive to the home to verify delivery of the materials and there would be no shingles. Neither Byron Huenur nor 116 Roofing ever took the time to drive to my home and see if the materials were delivered as they said they would. I always had to spend the time doing this only to discover the materials had not arrived as I was told they would. 

Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing

Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing

After multiple delays in this shingle delivery it was discovered that my previous color was actually available, not “discontinued”. So we switched back to the green shingle. I was excited about this one bright spot in an otherwise dismal experience. We are 1 month in at this stage. And on October 27th, 4 days later the shingles arrive….. but they are the wrong color. I received an order for a different customer and they received my shingles. You would think this would be fixed in short order, as 2 people have the wrongs shingles, but you would be wrong. 

Once again I am promised swaps and changes with definitive dates and I am the one to check and verify this only to discover they have not been changed. We are getting into the winter months now and you are only able to have shingles installed with 40 degrees or more. On December 6th the shingles were finally swapped.

Roof Install |Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing

Over and over again Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing told me he would have guys ready to go to install my roof within 1 -2 business days. And weather conditions were very favorable that 2nd week of December. But somehow my job was not a top priority. His team went on Christmas vacation and I was stuck waiting for the new year. 

Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing

Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing

So my roof was installed last week, finishing on Thursday January 10th. Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing told me he would check and make sure that all the debris was cleaned up as I had a renter there for January 11th. I received a complaint from renter that there were a bunch of wires hanging from the backside of the house by the sliding glass door to the hot tub that hindered their use of the grill and hot-tub. This was remnants of a defunct roof heating system that he said he would remove. He had neither removed the heating coils nor verified his workers had cleaned up as he said he would.

Finally roof is done, kind of | Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing

In summary, Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing either had no knowledge of what is suppliers carried and when those roofing supplies would be available, or he lied about the availability and timeline of roofing supplies. Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing took no accountability for delivery of supplies, did not verify delivery of supplies, was not proactive in obtaining or relaying information regarding delivery of roofing materials. On more than one occasion when things went wrong I felt as though I was put back to the end of the line. And Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing did not follow through on the completion of the work in previously promised timelines or with previously promised quality. He may be polite and for the most part he answers and returns calls, but you are taking a big risk using him to replace your roof. I was never offered any sort of compensation for all of these troubles and was very much treated as if this was the normal standard operating procedure.

Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing
Byron Huenur with 116 Roofing
Front window view of Pikes Peak from Peakview Cabin
Divide Colorado, Spring Valley Neighborhood

Peakview Cabin – Pikes Peak Mountain Getaway – This Is Our Happy Place

Peakview Cabin, with views of Pikes Peak, is in the Spring Valley Neighborhood in Divide, CO, just 20 minutes from Woodland Park.

What is inside Peakview Cabin?

Youtube walkthrough of Peakview Cabin Pikes Peak Mountain Getaway: https://youtu.be/xRIAjhSE8cM

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 full bathrooms
  • Possibility to sleep 10, but ideal capacity is closer to 6, with 1 King Bed, 1 Queen Bed, 2 Bunk Beds (4 beds total in 1 bedroom), 1 Sofa Sleeper Queen
  • Gourmet kitchen with gas cook-top
  • Dining room table for six
  • Open floor plan
  • Wood Burning Fireplace
  • Hot tub for 3 persons at a time
  • Gas Grill
  • Wifi & DIRECTV

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What is special about the Peakview Cabin location?

  • Spring Valley is beautiful neighborhood with rustic homes on approximately 1 acre lots.
  • The Spring Valley Neighborhood has stocked fishing ponds just a 7 minute walk away and ice fishing in the winter for us and our guests to use. Rules and restrictions apply.
  • The home is less far away than other mountain getaways, 40 minutes from Colorado Springs and 1 hour 35 minutes from Denver in good traffic.
  • There are a lot of hiking and biking and fishing opportunities in the surrounding area.
  • Woodland Park and Cripple Creek are short drive tourist destinations from the cabin.
  • It is easy to overlook the convenience of having quality dining and grocery options in Divide, which is just 10 minutes away.